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MaDi Fruit is a Sicilian based company and one of the leading national players in producing and processing sicilian blood oranges, citrus fruits and high quality fresh fruit.



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We are a modern start-up company! But our business is also deep rooted in the local countryside, benefitting from the thirty-year experience of our collaborators.

Born amongst the aromas of the orange groves of Scordia (CT), an area bathed by the warm rays of Sicilian sunshine where the soil offers products of extraordinary value.

Even though we are ’new’ as per our company’s start date, MaDi Fruit is the result of a corporate restructure following a decision by its founders to break away from their previous business experiences. This decision stems from the intention to challenge and innovate the currently existing Sicilian concept of production and commercialisation of fruit

Yes we are modern, but also with a long-standing tradition in this sector: historically dedicated to the cultivation of citrus fruit, our company has proceeded to constantly diversify our offer, not only with an emphasis on the new variety of citrus fruit, but also on the finest variety of fruit that Southern Italy is able to offer.

Our constant process of innovation in the cultivation methods employed in our production is carefully focused on the market’s demand and has made us a fruit company with a 360-degree approach

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In Italy we are among the main suppliers to firms operating within the national large-scale retailers.

We export to a range of European countries (including the UK and Germany) focussing mainly on those clients that appreciate the high quality of our products.

Customer satisfaction is paramount to us. Maintaining trust and confidence that continues year on year is our tangible legacy 

How do we do it? 

With a continuous presence and an in-depth knowledge of our production sites. In fact, MaDi Srl is present in two headquarters, one in Sicily and one in Basilicata. An innate vocation for quality allows us to offer the finest fruit coming from the regions of Southern Italy.

One example?

  • Blond oranges, strawberries, peaches and nectarines from Basilicata;
  • Blood oranges, lemons, mandarins, apricots and local specialty products of exceptional quality from Sicily.

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Controlling Systems and Certifications

Innovation and Safety are our keywords, MaDi Fruit is regulated by an internal system of inspection and traceability of our produce. All produce coming from our farms is certified to International standard GLOBAL GAP.

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