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Contrada Brunetta S.P. 47

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MaDi Fruit is a Sicilian based company and one of the leading national players in producing and processing sicilian blood oranges, citrus fruits and high quality fresh fruit.



Citrus fruit: blood oranges, orangee, mandarins, clementines, lemons; Fresh Fruit: peaches, apricots, nectarines, prickly pears.


because every moment of life has a different flavour.

Seasons mark the course of life and for every one of them there is a fruit that inspires their true meaning. If it’s the juice of a squeezed blood orange drunk in the wintery cold, the sweetness of the prickly pear or the smell of a Saturn peach eaten by the sea, the outcome is the same.

Fruit, ours in particular, play with the senses, completing the moments of the day and making them even more memorable.

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Citrus fruit is our core, in Sicilian “core” meaning ‘heart’. But we at MaDi Fruit put our “core” into all our fruit.

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