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MaDi Fruit is a Sicilian based company and one of the leading national players in producing and processing sicilian blood oranges, citrus fruits and high quality fresh fruit.

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Summer Pleasures


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The fruit "drenched in sunshine", and testament to this is its intense colour, a sumptuous roundness and the amount of juicy pulp.

A vivid colour and good smell makes the apricot the diamond of Madi Fruit Summer. The different varieties of this fruit - cultivated on our Sicilian and Lucane farms - allow us to stretch the commercial calendar until the end of July.

Availability: From May till late July.


Peaches & Nectarines


An enchanted fruit, a symbol of good will, wealth and long life. In literature the Peach, with its delicate velvety skin, has been used as a metaphor to refer to the gentle cheek of a lady.

Hairless compared to its sister, the Nectarine has a smooth luminescent red skin streaked with yellow and orange. 

With their sweet scented pulp, our peaches and nectarines are ideal to liven up the taste buds on a hot summer evening.

Availability: from late May till September.




The favourite fruit of poets and saints. It surprises and delights us on a walk through the woods during summer, thanks to the intensity of red that stands out against the green of its leaves, and its wonderful heady perfume. A small red temptation, impossible to resist picking up and savouring the sweet notes of the undergrowth.

Our strawberries come primarily from Basilicata, a region that optimises the full potential of this wonderful fruit.

Availability: From April to June.




Round and in a variety of colours, the plum is a fruit with a double identity: The fresh - destined for the table - and the dried sort known as the prune.

Originally plum trees were grown in Syria before the arrival of the Romans. The crusaders took the plum to Europe with huge success. Trees were given to bring happiness at a wedding, as a good luck charm, to give health back to the sick and to bring calm to the hot-tempered. Our plums are firm and juicy and come entirely from our farms in Basilicata.

Availability: from late June till August.

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