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MaDi Fruit is a Sicilian based company and one of the leading national players in producing and processing sicilian blood oranges, citrus fruits and high quality fresh fruit.

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Mandarines, Clementines & Co.



“Children, after you peel a mandarine you can eat it with awareness or absent mindedness….”

- from The Story of Siddharta.

The Mandarine takes its name from the officials of the ancient Chinese empire. A small orange, slightly squashed from the top with a wrinkled and very fragrant skin. Its flavour is pleasant due to the higher sugar content than that of other citruses.

Availability: from December to April.




According to some sources, the Clementines take their name from the missionary monk Clement Rodier, who was thought to be the first to farm them. However, other sources claim that a priest, Pierre Clement, created the cross decades earlier.

In fact, Clementines are the fruit of a plant created by the hybridization of Mandarine and Orange. Compared to the Mandarine they are a gently flattened sphere, slightly bitter and have a darker orange pulp.

Availability: from October to January.


When the usual is not enough.



It may seem a much larger Mandarine or, a small, slightly squashed orange, however  it’s neither of them!

The marriage of the Clementine and blood Orange (Clementine ‘Monreal’ and Tarocco Orange) gave birth to this“ made in Italy” hybrid citrus fruit . What’s special about it? A sugary taste, intense orange colour and a shiny skin. Firm to touch and totally seedless.

Availability: from December till the end of January.


Another popular citrus hybrid – that reminds you of a larger Mandarine - is created by crossing Tangelo Orlando and Clementine Comune.

This spherical shaped citrus fruit is distinctive due to its high concentration of juice. The texture of the pulp and its particular flavour make a pleasant balance of sweet and sour.

Availability: from December till the end of January.


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