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MaDi Fruit is a Sicilian based company and one of the leading national players in producing and processing sicilian blood oranges, citrus fruits and high quality fresh fruit.

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"Orange, / the world was made / in your likeness..."

                                                            -Pablo Neruda

Introducing Sicilian Blood Oranges

 Edible sunsets



Egg-shaped with an orange skin, it hides within a pulp with dark red striations as intense as the most radiant sunset at the end of the day.

Being the product of the volcanic soil and significant range of temperature that characterises our part of the island, the Tarocco has an unmistakable aroma as well as unique organoleptic properties and is without doubt the king of the red oranges of Sicily.

Availability: from December to May.





The Moro - red like the fiery lava of Etna – has a colour so intense, impossible to contain within, it bleeds through onto the outside painting part of the skin deep purple.

Thanks to its high level of juice, the Moro is the best variety for orange juice lovers. With loads of delicious pulp… of course!

Availability: from December to March.




The Sanguinello is the younger brother of the Moro according to the harvest calendar. This is the orange for those who want to enjoy a delicious freshly squeezed red juice right up until the start of summer.

Availability: from March to May.


Sicilian Blood Oranges PGI 


As both producers and manufacturers, MaDi Fruit is part of the Consortium for the Protection of Blood Oranges of Sicily, whose objective is to promote this splendid product of our region that also benefits from Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).


We Love It Red!

Red Navel


Is it a blonde Navel? Is it a pink grapefruit? No, it’s a RED NAVEL!

It looks like a regular Navel on the outside but the colour of a pink grapefruit on the inside. A low acidity makes the red Navel the sweeter sister of the blonde variety. Easy to peel, it is an intriguing and tasty alternative.

The red Navel, or “Cara Cara” comes from a crossing of the Washington Navel and the Brazilian Bahia Navel. It was created in 1976 by the hacienda “Cara Cara” in Venezuela.

Availability: from January to February.




The orange with a belly button!

In general the term Navel describes a variety of orange that has a twin fruit inside the skin. Located at the opposite pole to the petiole, it creates a protuberance in the shape of a navel… a belly button!

Availability: from November to March.


The crowning blonde of Sicily. 

The Oval is one of the most prestigious varieties of oranges with a golden pulp. Its skin is thin and yellowy orange in colour; its pulp is totally without pips and distinctively juicy. 

Availability: from April to early June.


The most popular blonde throughout the world.

Its shape is a perfect sphere and the skin is medium thickness and light orange in colour. The pulp is blonde in colour, very juicy and completely seedless

Availability: from late March to early June.


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